odds and ends

In the latest hilarious installment for the Cut’s series on old Hollywood diets, Greta Garbo’s disgusting sounding “celery loaf” is given a try.

Thieves steal an entire bridge in Turkey. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Mental Floss has 6 fictional houses you can actually move into.  One of them being the house from Up! Too cute. Barbie’s dream house was also a real thing. Not one I would care to live in, though. Far too much pink.

Alyssa Milano has four Japanese pop albums.  And a music video too! The cheese factor is almost overwhelming.

Renowned TV personality and culinary geek, Alton Brown writes all of his tweets on Post-It notes, takes a picture and uploads the image to his feed.  All of them can be found on his tumblr, Analog Tweets.

Cereal has come a long way from it’s health based roots to the sugar bombs that most cereals are today. And Post and Kellogg fought for supremacy the whole way.

Freda Kelly had one of the most coveted jobs in the world as a secretary for the Beatles and she finally breaks her silence on what it was like in a new documentary that debuted at SXSW titled “Good Ol’ Freda“.

Won’t someone please think of the penguins?? Antarctic ice continues to melt at an alarming rate, putting our fine friends in danger.


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