odds and ends

Disneyland is looking to make your visit even better by personalizing your experience and tracking your purchases and likes. Of course, there are privacy concerns with tracking children on info and carrying credit card info on their special MyMagic+ bracelets.

One of the most interesting scientific discoveries of 2012 are gangster dolphins.

Mentalfloss tells us about 10 cocktails inspired by pop culture.  I’m eager to try the Harry Potter inspired ones!

Ap0llo Robbins is a professional pickpocket and even impressed Penn Jilllette of famous Las Vegas magician act, Penn and Teller.  He talks tricks of the trade with Slate and the New Yorker.

Check out Cheong-ah Hwang’s fantastic paper art based on fairy tales and pop culture.

This is too cute.  A blind dog has a seeing eye cat.

The world’s most expensive fish was sold for $1.8 million at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market.

Polaroid has gone bankrupt, been resurrected and failed again but in it’s latest reincarnation as “Fotobar“, it just might work. The concept is printing out your fave photos, which usually reside on people’s phones and making it into artwork.


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