fashion fix

No one does holiday windows like NYC department stores.  Fashionista rounded up the best in the spectacular window displays and managed to get a few tidbits about the process from the creative teams behind them.

Refinery 29 covers the storied past of the fabled little black dress.  It’s versatile and a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe.

In response to the recent investigative report from Greenpeace on toxic offenders in the fashion industry, Zara, one of the biggest offenders has committed to becoming toxic free.

Speaking of toxic brands named by Greenpeace in that investigative report, H&M may be on their bad list but their clothing recycling initiative which starts in February may help.

American Giant claims to make the best hoodie in the world and surprisingly it’s pretty affordable, high quality and made in the States. A former industrial designer for Apple puts the same care and attention into making this as he did when working for Apple.

Dov Charney, CEO of the troubled American Apparel is being charged with choking an employee.  There really is just nothing to like about this guy, at all.

Good news, plus sized brides, there’s a bridal boutique online that now caters to you and uses actual plus-sized models to show off the dresses.  And the prices are pretty decent, you can get a gown for less than a $1000.


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