fashion fix

Holiday department store windows are always fantastically over the top.  Louis Vuitton gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of the le Bal du Siècle (the Ball of the Century) themed window for Paris department store, Galeries Lafayette to mark the occasion of their 100th anniversary.

Kate Moss rarely grants interviews but Vanity Fair gets a rare chance to talk to her on the record for her to promote her new book of photos.

British makeup brand Illamasqua has been criticized for employing blackface to promote their holiday collection in their “I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas” campaign. People have called for a boycott but surprisingly they haven’t pulled the ads.

France debuts new Hermes postage stamps.  Cute.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show doesn’t air til December 4 but here are some sketches of looks for the Angels to tide you over until then.

We all know by know that fast fashion is harmful to the environment but to what extent and who are the biggest offenders? Greenpeace has the answer in their investigative reported called “Toxic Threads: the Big Fashion Stitch Up“. One of the worst is Zara, along with Calvin Klein and Levi’s.

Fashionista has compiled the top tips to snagging the best finds from sample sales. Even sample sale veterans may learn a thing or two from this list.

Anna Piaggi, legendary fashion editor and style icon may have passed on but is immortalized in her last photoshoot for W magazine’s 40th anniversary edition.


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