fashion fix

From the Cut, photographer Pari Dukovic captured the madness and beauty of fashion month from last season to this fall, documenting celebrities and models alike.

Fashionista has the lowdown on Carine Roitfeld’s latest venture, CR Fashion Book which is not out yet but the website is already up.  Showcasing new talent will be one of its main goals.

Unusual colors and cuts are no longer reserved for just the young.  The NY Times reports on how older women are becoming bolder with their hair.

The legal dispute of ownership of Hermes  between Hermes and LVMH heats up with Hermes accusing LVMH of insider trading and dirty dealing with LVMH countersuing.

I’m not really down for regular camping but these Elle editors go glamping, which I wouldn’t mind doing!

Christian Louboutin won his appeal against YSL, sort of.  If the whole itself is red like YSL’s is then it’s not applicable, but if it’s just the red sole then yes.

How much is a $4000 bespoke suit worth?

The first episode of Fashionista’s new web series Haute Cuisine is here! Elle creative director Joe Zoe and his boyfriend, Parsons professor and design consultant Rob Younkers show us how to make lobster rolls and delicious ice cream cookies.


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