odds and ends

Ever wondered what happened to Olympic venues after the Olympics are over? Flavorwire shows us how some are repurposed and others are just abandoned.

Mysterious mansions are popping up in Russia, the owners reportedly being prominent Russian government officials and other luminaries, paid with public tax dollars and built on protected public land.

Give your old, slow, overheating laptop a new lease on life with these tips from Lifehacker.

I grew up with Sweet Valley High and the Babysitter’s Club books but I never thought about those series having ghostwriters, which made sense considering the rate at which they were churned out.  A male ghostwriter for Sweet Valley High talks about his experience.

Sometimes I don’t get around to reading a book right away after I get it but if I left this book unattended for two months, the words would start disappearing off the page of this book, appropriately titled The Book That Can’t Wait, published by an Argentine publisher.

The Web Urbanist shows us some never before seen creatures of the deep.   These denizens of the sea don’t seem like they would be too friendly if you met them.

Death Valley may  be pretty appropriately named but there are still some living things that manage to survive the extreme conditions.

I’ve heard of the marshmallow study which was a look at delaying gratifications, turns out the ones who could wait fared pretty well in life compared to those who couldn’t, which probably isn’t a huge surprise.


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