fashion fix

J. Crew’s former head of women’s wear design, Marissa Webb is launching her own collection at the upcoming NY Fashion Week.

Todd Selby is documenting his 12-day train ride from Paris to Shanghai on the Louis Vuitton Express to celebrate the brand’s first Chinese store.

Ferragamo opened a new exhibit at their Museo Salvatore Ferragamo titled “Marilyn”, the subject of course being Marilyn Monroe.  The exhibit features everything from photos, shoes, primary documents and film clips to film costumes.

A pro-anorexia website has blasted Kate Upton for being “fat”.  Whatever, she’s hot.  That body is bangin’.  You just keep doing you, Kate!

The Cut has a look at artist Yayoi Kusama’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton, which will be in stores July 11. It’s most extensive collaboration with an artist so far and also  in conjunction with their sponsorship of a retrospective art show for Kusama.

Disney is re-releasing Cinderella on DVD and Blu-Ray.  To commemorate the ocasion, they tapped Christian Louboutin to create a special edition “Cinderella” slipper.


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