odds and ends

Most people know that taste and smell are linked but if you can’t smell properly, can you taste?

I love Disney Princesses but they don’t always get along in these adorable comics.  Amy Mebberson’s adorable Pocket Princesses comics explores the clashes and shared delights of these animated women.

Flavorwire has compiled a list of the most notorious director/actor feuds in movie history.

Take a look at the women who are sometimes only seen from the other side of a veil. This new photography project titled “Your Veil Is A Battleground” reveals an eye-opening side of Iranian culture, as snapped by an Iran-born woman.

Buzzfeed pictures how Sex and the City would be like if it was filmed now.  Carrie obsessed with Pierre Hardy shoes instead of Manolo Blahnik?

In honor of Father’s Day, here is a list of dads in the animal kingdom.  Some like the sand goby devour 1/3 of his unhatched brood while the hardhead catfish like the male seahorse handles pregnancy duties.

Canadian painter, Emily Carr is one of the artists featured in dOCUMENTA this year. The Vancouver Sun digs into the secretive process of selecting the pieces.

Surprisingly, 50% of the people that incorrectly answered a simple question were from Ivy League schools.  Smart people are more likely to make easy mistakes in this test.

“At Last” by Etta James seems to be a popular song choice for the traditional first dance at a wedding for celebrities.


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