odds and ends

X Factor’s newest celebrity judge, Britney Spears is not only earning a $15 million paycheck but if you check out Britney’s leaked rider, her dressing room must always be stocked with potato salad and Diet Coke among other things.

So, about that hole in the Ozone layer that everyone was concerned about? It’s still there but it’s gotten better =)

Carl’s Jr now has a cheeseburger made out of ice cream.  Surprisingly, a person who has tried it said it wasn’t too bad although the cookies that are the “buns” were a bit sweet.

Here’s someone who can make you feel unaccomplished, this 15 year old created a test for pancreatic cancer.

NY Mag sheds a little light on a typical day for a New York taxi driver.  They make less money than you think so their tips count. And you’d be surprised who has tried to rip them off.

Buzzfeed shows off their collection of the 40 most powerful photographs.  I have mixed feelings about the kissing couple photo from the Vancouver riot being included.


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