odds and ends

Unlike Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt survived the attempt on his life because of what he had in his pocket.

From Flavorwire is a roundup of the most beautiful train stations in the world.  I’d love to see the Gare du Nord in Paris and Grand Central Station in New York in person.

For avid pinners and those planning a wedding, Refinery 29 has a list of the top Pinterest accounts to follow for inspiration for the big day.

Umm…this sounds disgusting much like the KFC doubledown sandwich.  Pizza Hut Middle East has created the “Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza” so instead of pizza crust you have chow down on mini cheeseburgers.  People need to stop messing with the crust and putting things there that don’t belong.

The MTV “Sweetheart” film short displays an explosion of candy.  This might only be 30 seconds but it packs a punch in sugar.

The deepest underwater diving pool called the Nemo 33 is in Brussels and you can even have a sip of champagne in this pool amazingly enough.

YKK, the Japanese zipper behemoth, makes roughly half of all the zippers on earth. More than 7 billion zippers each year. Those three letters are ubiquitous. Slate investigates the origins and what the letters stand for.


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