fashion fix

Gery, the shipping guy for China Glaze is unexpectedly quite adept at nail art.  Fashionista asks him how he got into it and shows a few examples of his work.

Speaking of nail polish, your “3 free” polish might not be as toxic free as you think.  I’m glad I don’t use those brands.

I’m pretty sure my prom dress was never this slutty.  Mine was kind of conservative actually, although, I was one of the few in my class to wear a dress with a length above the knee.  Most of the girls wore floor length gowns.  Anywho, Buzzfeed explores how prom dresses became so skin baring.

I’m trying to clean out my closet right now so these tips are pretty useful but I think I still have a long way to go.

The Coveteur is featuring a piece on blogger Susie Bubble.  As expected, her closet is quite a sight to see.

Hypebeast has a video that shows you that the clothing industry isn’t all sweatshops and debunks some myths.

This might just contradict the above video but if you’re a fast fashion consumer, you might you want to read about how this is affecting China, it’s biggest manufacturer.

Sarah Burton, Sara Blakely (the creator of Spanx), among others have made Time’s 100, their list of the most influential people of the year.   And they also have a list of the top 100 fashion icons. Do you agree with their choices?


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