odds and ends

The Archives of American Art blog dedicated March to women’s history.  Check out their “Who’s That Lady?” series of posts.

If this is real this is awesome.  Someone comes out on facebook to their friends and they are super supportive  but their nerdy comments are hilarious.

This is a surefire way to show your kids what a hard lifestyle can do to your face.  Example: Lindsay Lohan.

Former Editor in Chief of Lucky magazine, Kim France has launched a new blog called “Girls Of A Certain Age“.  It is full of enjoyable pieces.

I’ve heard of the book “Shades of Gray” but didn’t know it was Twilight fan fiction but that kind of just confirms why this book is so awful.  This review is probably more well written than the book itself.

Attention Hunger Games fans: district 12 is up for sale!

I share the same birthday as Charlotte from Sex and the City.  Check out which fictional character shares your birthday on this calender from Flavorwire.

This is a pretty interesting profile on Jay-Z and Kanye West.  Insightful.


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