I love this show. ABC’s new comedy is deliciously soapy, dramatic and hugely entertaining. It stars Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn, the widow of a man who is revealed to have been embroiled in a Ponzi scheme scandal and dies in a car accident while running off with Amanda’s best friend. The show follows Amanda as she moves back to Dallas, Texas with her kids in tow to her mother’s house. Gigi, her mother is played by Annie Potts, advises her how to navigate the tricky waters of the society women who Amanda, a former mean girl who used to torture these women in high school.

GCB is based on the book, “Good Christian Bitches” by Kim Gatlin.  Before the show even aired, there was controversy over the working title of Good Christian Bitches, later changed to Good Christian Belles, then shortened to GCB.  Personally, I prefer Good Christian Belles to GCB.  The controversy hasn’t ended there, though, Christian groups have protested against the way they feel they have been portrayed.  They feel that some of the characters on the show are hypocritical but at times , those some characters are very Christian in a good way.  The characters are imperfect and see that there is always room for improvement like any human.

Other characters are Kristin Chenoweth as Carlene Cockburn, the new queen bee; Jennifer Aspen as Sharon Peacham, who was beautiful in high school and is now heavy and insecure and does the bulk of Carlene’s bidding; glamorous business mogul Cricket Caruth-Reilly played by Miriam Shor, whose husband, Blake is gay; and Marisol Nichols as Heather Cruz, a powerful Dallas real-estate agent, the only single one in their crowd.


4 responses to “gcb

    • i’m following way too many atm but maybe i’ll give it a watch later.

      aside from you being a fan, do you think it will succeed? i’m reading that season 1 has an initial order of 10 eps and no extension or renewal has been announced yet. plus it entered as a mid-season replacer, plus the controvery/ portryals you mention.

  1. I really hope so! There’s a lot of shows that I like but I’m afraid they’re going to get cancelled like ringer, hart of dixie, pan am. My bf really likes community. They’re going to at least finish out their season but whether they have another one is still up in the air. I can’t wait til revenge is back!

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