fashion fix

Senior style star Iris Apfel who recently collaborated on a makeup collection with MAC has inspired a new shoe by Jimmy Choo.  Is it a shoe that she would choose for herself, though?

It’s a pretty common fact that designers often “borrow” or are inspired by one another, sometimes it’s almost a carbon copy.  The latest controvery concern Chanel and Pamela Love.  Chanel had a very classy response.  Impressive.

Moda Operandi staffers did a fun behind the scenes video wrap up of Paris Fashion Week for those of us not lucky enough to attend.

The Hollywood Reporter presents its second annual ranking of the 25 most powerful stylists in Hollywood.  Umm…what the hell is Jeanne Yang, probably best known as Katie Holmes’ stylist doing there? Katie Holmes usually looks terrible and the few pieces that I’ve seen from their collection are pretty unflattering.  And Jen Rade always dresses Angelina Jolie so boring, the only entertaining part of her lately was the immensely cheesy introduction of her right leg over and over again at this year’s Oscars.

In an editorial for the latest issue of French Elle, you can see Karl Lagerfeld grocery shopping to promote his new line “Karl”.  Something I never really imagined him doing himself.  I always thought he would have someone do it for him because he’s too busy.

I would totally watch this musical about the rivalry between Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubenstein.  The scribes of Grey Gardens are going to be writing the musical based on the book “War Paint” by Lindy Woodhead so sounds like it’s in good hands.

The tailors on Savile Row really object to Abercrombie & Fitch as a prospective neighbour but if I was one of them, I would object too.  They are one of my least favorite stores.  I can’t even walk in there cuz the cologne sprayed in the air is so overwhelming.


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