fashion fix

I’m surprised a company that’s raking it in like Marc Jacobs doesn’t pay their fit models with an actual paycheck, instead receiving clothing in trade but what makes the story bigger is that it was an underage model.

Speaking of models, Canadian born Next Top Model Holland winner, Ananda Marchildon just won her lawsuit against Elite Model management who fired her and withheld her winnings because she was “too big”.

Hemisphere speaks to famed shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik.

These glasses are $3000 but they are Tom Ford so does that justify the cost? I love me some Tom Ford but that is outrageous.

Enough with the hyperbole says one writer for the Toronto Standard.  I myself have the same concerns about the overusage of the superlatives.

Check out Broke and Chic for some tips on how to breathe new life into preloved clothes.

Vogue Italia has debuted another controversial photo shoot by Steven Meisel titled “Haute Mess“.    Many people think that the shoot is racist towards poor blacks and Latinas.  Well, it certainly looks that way.


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