odds and ends

An entire French village, Courbefy is up for sale for a mere $440,000.  The package includes the village, tennis courts, a swimming pool and 19 buildings.  Sounds like a steal!

Speaking of real estate, check out these places with secret spaces o_O

A purple calf has been born in Serbia.  Pretty unusual!

It’s always fascinating to read the journals or diaries of interesting people such as Andy Warhol or Kurt Cobain.  Some are quite scandalous.

Bill Hader’s gay club kid character, Stefon on SNL is hilarious and these illustrations done with transcripts of dialogue are fantastic.

John Legend’s girlfriend or should I say, fiancee now is swimsuit model, Chrissy Teigen.  She did a shoot for Style Caster, which in turn, introduced me to her  cute food blog, So Deluscious.  I like that she posts her culinary messes as well as her triumphs.

My sister’s friend has a new website called Swallow Food which is Toronto-based.  Cute name and well-written articles.

Famous magician, Teller lets us in on a few secrets on the magic of illusion.

Lol this is ridiculous.  It’s a telenovela featuring cats.  Appropriately it’s called “Gatonovela“.

Sometimes the way you picture literary characters in your head is different from the way they appear in movies.  The Composites creates an image from a description in the book passage using law enforcement composite sketch software.  It’s interesting…


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