fashion fix

I’m lucky that my skin color is pretty close to what’s called “nude” for bras, and other fashion items but not quite the same story for other women.  “Flesh” comes in other colors than just “peach” and there’s a campaign to change that in the fashion industry.

For girls who aren’t “sample size”, check out Stylecaster’s picks for stylish and comfortable clothes.

Interviews with Karl Lagerfeld are always a must read for me.  He guest-edited the French Metro newspaper and of course, answered a few questions for them. Never politically correct but always truly an original, you can count on him to always be interesting.

Here are some sketches of their fall collections from a few designers, Rachel Roy and Anna Sui, to name two.

Nooooooo, I hope Barney’s doesn’t close =(

I’m into fashion but even I think fashion people talk ridiculously.  Everything’s “amazing” or”bananas”.  Can’t forget Rachel Zoe’s signature catch phrase “I die”.  So annoying.  NY Mag explores this.


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