odds and ends

Loving this food history themed blog called Foodimentary.

Also related to food but much more adorable and seemingly very well trained is Tiger who is the star of the Food On My Dog tumblr.

Scientists are continually searching for another planet like Earth but there’s some who think we’ll never find another for one reason and it’s not the people.

Well, there’s one good thing that comes out of the losing team’s misery from the Superbowl, the pre-printed apparel goes to people in need.

Fictional food combines two of my loves: books and food.

In Edinburgh, mysterious paper sculptures started appearing in libraries in the area.  Just as suddenly as they appeared, they stopped but luckily, they were documented with photos.  The details are incredible.

The Leila Texts shows all the text messages that a writer gets from random strangers to Leila, not specifically her, though.  Some of them are pretty funny and quite odd.


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