odds and ends

I love paper cutout art.  Jayme McGowan has done some fantastic work, including one that’s Fantastic Mr. Fox themed.

Buzzfeed has conveniently listed for you the top 25 last words of famous writers.  My favorite is number 3 which is attributed to Voltaire.  Quite cheeky. What would your last words be?

Also from Buzzfeed is 14 facts you probably didn’t know about Tristan da Cuha, the world’s most remote island.

The Edible Selby is the culinary themed version of the original Selby which takes you into people’s homes.  It combines food and photography, how could I not like it??

This list of 10 things the American Idol judges might as well be judging instead is hilarious.  Bonus points if when you read it, it’s done in their voices.

It’s either early or super later for this article on Easter eggs, either way it’s “egg-cellent”. “Egg-specially” the van Gogh inspired one.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself lol.

This is a project from photographer, Irina Werning, called Back to the Future. She has the retro photo and then the same subject pose in the same style in the modern day.  The results are a little disconcerting.


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