fashion fix

Bergdorf‘s created an adorable holiday ad with puppies shopping.

If you’ve ever  thought that an interest in fashion was trivial, read this piece on a feminist take on fashion from Ms. magazine and think again.

In an Ellen DeGeneres Show segment dedicated to CoverGirl cosmetics on Monday, she and Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara do a hilarious make-up application session.

Model Coca Rocha convinced fellow model, Karlie Kloss to create a tumblr.  Gorgeous photos as always.

Speaking of Coca Rocha, a behind the scenes video of her showing off contortion moves for a campaign for Longchamps set in the streets of New York has surfaced.  The campaign looks really cute and joyful.

As a kid, I loved reading Archie comics.  One of the best things about reading them was looking at all the different outfits Betty and Veronica wore, which is why this blog is so awesome.

Not all fashion bloggers are female.  The NY Times introduces us to some cool male fashion bloggers.

Forget about all the recent fashion-themed exhibits at museums, check out Valentino‘s amazing virtual museum.

Here’s a look at a few items from Elizabeth Taylor‘s famed jewelry collection.  The pieces may have gone to auction but at least you can take a look at these.

I love a good window display.  NY Mag has a slideshow of holiday displays for some stores in NYC.

The fashion industry is known for putting on some pretty outrageous shows.  From Flavorwire is a collection of the craziest ones.

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