alex & chloe for forever 21

Alex & Chloe is a jewelry/apparel brand that was created in 2004 for both men and women. The NY-based design team has collaborated with Forever 21 on a jewelry capsule that features 19 items.  The aesthetic for Alex & Chloe is edgy and modern and would be perfect to pair with pieces from H&M’s “Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” collection or to mix and match with more feminine pieces to temper the edginess of the accessories.

I just picked up some bangles from the Alex & Chloe collaboration with Forever 21.  I’m a sucker for cheap and chic Forever 21 jewelry but I definitely need to go back to pick up some more items from this collection.

I’m a little disappointed that the cross rings aren’t available in Canadian stores because those were one of my favorite pieces from the collection.  Here’s a look at some of the promo shots for the collaboration.  I love how they created a hairstyle that suggested the half-shaved look that’s quite popular without cutting a single hair.

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