odds and ends

The movie “Almost Famous” which starred Kate Hudson as Penny Lane was loosely based on Bebe Buell, actress, Liv Tyler’s mother.  NY Mag’s has an interview with the “rock girlfriend”.

Mindy Kaling might be better known as Kelly Kapoor on the Office but she’s more than just an actor.  She’s a staff writer for the show and her book was just released and by the way, it’s totally awesome, you should read it.  If you can’t get enough Mindy, she has a piece in the New Yorker and just launched a new blog.

On Flavor Wire is a collection of famous photos recreated in Lego by artist Mike Stimpson.

From Smithsonian Mag is an article on “the Secrets of the Colosseum“.  It explores the inner workings of the famed landmark.

Check out these amazing, unretouched photos of landmarks reflected in a bubble captured by photographer Tom Storm.

As a fan of both Michael Jackson’s music and Cirque du Soleil, I enjoy this tribute that the Cirque du Soleil performers did in the streets of Montreal.

Lifehack wants to help you by presenting their top 10 solutions to real life’s most annoying problems.  One I would find very useful would be number one, yes I am not very neat =(

Much like the corn fields, works of art have been created in rice fields in Japan.  My favorite is the reproduction of “the Great Wave Off Kanagawa” by  Katsushika Hokusai, one of the most famous Japanese works of art.


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