toronto 2011

I was in toronto for a few days at the end of September, just visiting with my sister and some friends.  I had a lot of fun but very little sleep so I would say it was a pretty successful trip.  More fun than when I went last year for 3/4 weeks with my mom in June.  It was sweltering, I was staying with my sister and she did not have AC =( Luckily, I got to stay with my mom at her friend’s house in York for a little bit and she has central AC and lots of room. Anyhow, here are a few pix from the trip.  There aren’t too many.  Should’ve taken more at the clubs because the majority our friends took us to were really nice, much nicer than the ones in Vancouver.

Sugar cane juice stand in Chinatown – possibly Huong’s favorite thing about Toronto

Huong and I in front of a friend’s apartment downtown.  The purple light in the back is CN Tower =)

Duck confit pizza with pear and mozzarella.  Lunch with sister and Huong.  Me and Huong were sooo drained.

Lol cheers!

The guys took us up to a rooftop lounge in downtown.  Gorgeous view


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