odds and ends

From the New York Times site is an article about a guide to NYC’s 19th century houses of prostitution giving the term “little black book” a whole new or should I say old meaning.

On this blog called the Proceedings of the Ever So Strange are obviously, plenty of strange but interesting things.  Take a gander.

Nutmeg has  a history of war, piracy, drug abuse and riddles behind it.  Find out more about its dark past on the Quantum Biologist.

Here is an interesting article on the New Orleans corner store on Design Observer.  It’s about how the New Orleans corner store has contributed to the culture.

Inside Insides posts MRI images of fruits and veggies.  Pretty cool.

On Cracked, is a list of 6 weird things that influence bad behaviour more than laws.

And for your viewing pleasure, a snowmokun.

7 scenes of volcano lightning on the Web Ecoist.

This awesome cake is edible, playable and Angry Birds themed.

Take a look at Lady Gaga’s Telephone turned into a charming storybook for children. Kind of reminds me of the illustrations done for the Amelia Bedelia books that I used to read when I was a kid.

For Harry Potter fans, there’s the HP Companion blog for all things Harry Potter.

If you’ve ever wondered about the science and history of kissing, this article talks about the book “The Science of Kissing” by Sheril Kershinbaum.

Ever heard of rock paper scissors tournaments? No? Well, even if you’re not competing, here’s a guide on how to win everytime.

a film location scout in New York spends his days looking interesting places in NY to put in feature films and decided to start documenting his search.

This mysterious video from YouTube user McWolles showcases a Rube Goldberg device that replicates MC Escher’s famous self-replenishing waterfall. Forced perspective at its finest!


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