Went to vegas with Huong from the 24-27. The plan was to join up with her cousin for her stagette. Our flight got delayed by 2 hours. Huong and I sat at the back of the plane because we didn’t have assigned seating. There was a hold up for leaving. We drove down to catch the flight from Bellingham with Byron and Alex. We got on the plane before they did but we didn’t see them come on after us, strangely. Apparently, some people who were supposed to be on the later flight boarded our flight so we had to wait while the flight attendants checked people’s IDs to make sure they were on the right flight.

Lucky us, Huong and I had the pleasure of sitting close to two supremely annoying girls. I only managed to sleep for an hour before their grating and loud voices woke me up. And they would NOT shut up >.< One was worse than the other but the sum of the two were still infinitely annoying. I really wanted to punch one of the girls in the face to shut her up. And the other started crying because her ears were popping. Really? I thought only children did that. A flight that’s only a couple hours had never felt so long. I’d rather have gone on a quiet, long haul flight to Asia than suffer through that again. After they got off the plane, and some of the girls sitting in our area were still waiting to grab their things to get off, the flight attendant actually apologized for their behaviour.

When Huong and I got off the plane to meet up with Byron and Alex, they told us that they had been standing behind those two girls when they were trying to board and they were bitching the whole time about how their flight had gotten delayed and how that was the worst thing that’s ever happened to them. A girl standing behind those two said, “my dad got shot in the head and THAT’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you??” Like wow, getting your flight delayed sucks but don’t be ridiculous because I’m pretty sure, worse things have happened to you.

Anyhow, we cabbed to the hotel with the boys. They stayed at Planet Hollywood, we stayed at the Towers but it was connected so it was convenient. Had planned on going to Hot ‘N Juicy Crawfish for dinner but because our flight had been delayed, had no time. Just had time for a short nap maybe and then start getting ready.

Met up with Huong’s cousin, Joey and her friends. We went to Marquee, the new club at the Cosmopolitan. It was completely packed. I didn’t think the decor was anything special. The pool outside was pretty nice though. A lot of stairs to get to the club. We left after about half an hour without even getting a drink >.< Went back to the hotel because Huong wanted to change and planned on going to Tao. The girls decided they wanted to go Gallery instead, which was in our hotel so Huong and I just went by ourselves to Tao.

Huong got hammered and we spent some quality time together in the bathroom. Didn’t even get to eat my food =(

The next night totally made up for the shitty night before. Huong’s friend hooked us up with VIP passes to EDC. Before we went, I had checked out ticket prices online but the one day passes had sold out and we didn’t want to do a 3 day pass cuz we had wanted to do other things as well. Had so much fun at EDC on saturday that we got tickets for Sunday.

I love checking out the Bellagio whenever I’m in Vegas. The atrium display is
different every time I’m down there.

This was in a shop inside the Bellagio.

The lineup for sunday was insane! Sooooo many good djs there! One of the best
times I’ve had in Vegas and that’s saying something cuz I usually have a good time in Vegas.


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