the healthy home

I found it hard to put down “The Healthy Home” by Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz. If you have any interest whatsoever in health, then you’ll definitely want to read this book. The tagline for this book is “simple truths to protect your family from hidden household dangers” and it absolutely delivers on that claim. One of the things the book taught me that I was surprised to find out was that fluoride is poisonous. However, this is a very  common ingredient in toothpaste and is even added to the drinking water in some communities.

Toxins surround us in our daily life from when we go to sleep, where we clean up to where we eat.  Another example of a hidden household danger is the products that we put on our skin that are full of chemicals that are safe at a certain level but considering that an average person uses 9 products – containing around 126 individual ingredients – everyday, those chemicals can add up to unsafe levels.  “A recent study found more than 200 hundred chemicals present just in the umbilical cord blood of newborns”.  I don’t know about you but that kind of scares me!

I found this book to be very informative.  A total eye opener when it comes to how I think of everyday items.  I lent this book to my friend and once she finished it, she told me how awesome it was and how it changed her perspective.  The Healthy Home has hit 5 different best seller’s lists: The New York Times, USA Today, L.A. Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and  All proceeds go to the Children’s Hunger Fund, so buy it now!


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