no sweatpants please

When I’m out and I’m checking out other people’s style, one of the things I detest is when girls are walking around in sweatpants or yoga pants and Uggs.  I get that they’re  comfortable (not that I would ever be caught dead wearing Uggs) but sweatpants are only appropriate in the gym or if you’re chilling at home.

Boys, this goes for you as well.  I don’t mean the Uggs and sweatpants. Just the sweatpants. Although, they do make Uggs for men, too and I am also not a fan of those. I will tell you a little story to demonstrate my point.  My coworker told me about this time when he was working with another girl, Kaela and he saw her helping a customer that he noticed was good looking and totally checking Kaela out.  After the customer had left he told Kaela that he noticed that guy checking her out and asked if she would go for him.  She said no and he asked her why.  Her answer was that he was wearing sweatpants.  He said, “but that guy was good looking” and she just said, “No.  No sweatpants. It’s a turn off.”

So, please, do everyone a favour and stop this fashion crime.  It could be the difference between you getting laid and you , well not getting any.


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