fashion fix

From the New York Times is an article on masterful womens’ wear designer, Azzedine Alaia.

If you want to be a stylist, you must read Sally Lyndley’s Unspoken Rules of Styling on Fashionista.

If you’ve ever wondered about the history of certain fashion items, wonder no more because Asylum will tell you all about it.

Does anyone outside of the fashion world know who Alexa Chung is? No? I thought so. The Gloss rips apart a gushy New York Times article on the celebutante.  Is she better than the Kardashians? I don’t think so.  The Kardashians may not be super talented but they do work pretty hard.

Here is a Harper’s Bazaar interview with Tom Ford.  I love anything Tom Ford =)

Textbook is a blog that dresses fictional characters in high fashion. The author is also a contributor to Fashionista.

Check out Refinery 29’s top nail polish trends for 2011.


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