living too short, dying too long

Sitting in a chair at the hospital because we came to visit my great uncle who is dying of lung cancer, even though he doesn’t smoke and on repeat, in my head is Tupac’s “Life Goes On”.  I’m sure it’s not really what Tupac meant by this song but somehow, I find it oddly appropriate for the occasion.  It hasn’t been a good year for this side of the family.  Another great uncle passed away last year, also of cancer.

As I get older, the more aware I become of how many lives are touched by death from chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.  There is not one person I know that doesn’t know someone who has died or is suffering from one of these diseases.  Death is a certainty but how you’ll get there is a question mark.

Doctors can diagnose a disease but all they do is treat the symptoms instead of going to the root of the problem.  A lot of diseases are preventable since many are largely caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.  And I doubt that the “cure” to these diseases will come anytime soon, considering the billions and billions of dollars that huge pharmaceutical companies make from selling the drugs that treat the symptoms of today’s epidemic of degenerative diseases.

It makes me sad to see how so many people’s suffering and pain could be alleviated if only they knew that nutrition is the best solution to being able to live life fully the way it was meant to be lived, instead of languishing in a half life the way some people think they are doomed to.


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