I used to read a lot. So much that I read on the bus to and from school, walking home, in the car, at night before bed, almost anywhere, anytime. I got older and school and work interrupted my long love affair with books. Occasionally, I would be lured back to the world of words by the entire Harry Potter series and nonfictional books on subjects ranging from economics to handwriting analysis.

One of the books I’ve had enough time to read lately is “Bossypants” by 30 Rock creator, Tina Fey. She is known for being one of the head writers during her time at SNL. Her book covers her childhood, work and views as a female comedy writer. If any of you have watched 30 Rock, then you’re already a fan of hers. If you weren’t before, hopefully this will convert you. It’s clever and well-written, even the blurbs on the books jacket are witty e.g. “totally worth it – trees”. There aren’t many books that make me literally laugh out loud but this one does so I definitely recommend this book.

photo: from google


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