notes on hk and thailand

Loved Thailand. So much! Before we even left, we decided that we had to go back some day. We missed out on the full moon party so that’s definitely on the list for next time, along with visits to the temples and a ladyboy cabaret show. The food was so good there. Cheap and fresh. Fell in love with Thai iced tea and milk tea floats there. The beaches are beautiful and people are pretty friendly. In short, Thailand is AWESOME.

This was my second trip to Hong Kong. The last time I went was with my sister and my mom two years ago for my great grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration. I stayed longer this time. There was a lot more shopping. I really wish we had Uniqlo in Canada =( I think we need to do more research next time for places to eat, although, I loved how cheap bubble tea was. Green milk tea almost every night! The tour to Lantau Island was really interesting and our tour guide, Queendy was a veritable font of information.

A day was not enough time in Macau. The old town is really beautiful and you can definitely see the Portuguese influence there. The restaurant we went to was pretty good but I think we would’ve liked it even more if we had known which dishes we should’ve ordered. There is a lot to see there. We didn’t have much time but I had to quickly check out the Venetian. I know, I know. I’ve been to Vegas 3 times so I know what it’s like but I watched the Korean drama “Boys Before Flowers” (and loved it) and it was filmed there so I just HAD to go.

Loved my trip there and can’t wait until I’m back in Asia but since I’m starting school soon, I doubt I’ll get the chance until after I’m done school. My program’s only one year so I’ll be done in April so I guess we’ll see =)

Oh, and all the photos are taken by me, Serena and Matty.


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