odds and ends

Just because someone’s not formally trained in building houses doesn’t mean you can’t build a castle.

This hilarious exchange between a clueless secretary searching for her lost cat and a graphic designer she asks for help in making flyers needs to be read in its entirety.

Check out these 12 artists interpretations of city skylines in interesting mediums.

On Kuriositas, is an article about Hakone, Japan’s amazing open air museum where the works of many famous artists and shown outdoors.

Phone booths are becoming more of a rarity in a world where the majority carries a cell phone but there are still some and quite unusual ones at that.

From Metafilter is a discussion of what people were doing wrong for the longest time and recently realized.  I said “hysterical” wrong for the longest time.  I’ll tell you, English is confusing sometimes because words aren’t always pronounced the way they look like they should be.


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