letting go

Sometimes, it happens that people you are friends with or you’re dating no longer bring out the best in you.  Then they start bringing out the crazy in you and a. you’re embarrassed enough to be able to see the crazy or b. you’re so blinded that you can’t see the crazy and continue it. Or you do b until you get enough clarification to get to a.

I don’t really want to talk about my own embarrassing moments cuz God knows I’ve had my share but I will share a story about a girl I know.  A couple nights ago, the girls went drinking with some guys, she called her ex who she stopped seeing recently but still talks to and asked him to hang out.  He said he was trying to save money and didn’t want to go out.  She found out from a friend that he went to a club and dropped $600.  She flipped and called him and started screaming at him.  She started crying in front of all the people she was with.  So, that’s something I don’t want to do.

I have problems letting go.  Maybe it’s the girl thing where you think you change someone.  “If they like me enough, they’ll change for me”.  That never works.  In order for someone to change, they have to want to change for themselves.  With friends, it’s hard to let go especially if you’ve been friends with them for years that you hate to just see something so precious thrown away.

I’ve learned that in order for me to let someone go, I have to delete their number, their bbm off my cell phone otherwise I like to drunk call/text.  Drunk calls/txts are a bad idea.  With exes especially.  Friends not so much.  I think I should start leaving my phone in the living room now,though, instead of right on my bed on the nights I get drunk. Hopefully, as I get older, though, I’m getting a little better at knowing when a relationship becomes unhealthy and better at severing ties a little more easily.


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