odds and ends

A very odd but entertaining interview with Russell Brand.

Don’t know about you but I would not have my wedding at mcdonald’s….

This is soooo adorable! A dad makes pancakes in awesome shapes like a carousel for his daughter.

If you’re like me and love food and even reading about it, you’ll want to read this short history on food writing.

On Serious Eats for Halloween, they dressed up their mascot dog, Dumpling in 12 diff costumes. Check out the pix.  They’re way too cute.

A series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations from creative studio Dentsu.

The Liberace museum in Vegas is closing.  Here are Simon Doonan‘s (creative director of Barney’s New York) reflections on Liberace.

Who doesn’t like jello shots?? These ones are way cooler than any I’ve ever made, though =(

If you have an iphone, then you’ve probably had the autocorrect do this to you.

On Web Ecoist is a list of 10 amazing uninhabited islands.

Scientists discover a previously unknown lizard species being eaten in Vietnam.

For the Harry Potter geeks, on Neatorama is an article about the mythologies behind Harry Potter. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books but even I thought J.K. Rowling just made up some of these.

From Cracked comes a list of world events eerily predicted by comics.



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