fashion fix

Sandra Bullock generates more sales for the label she’s wearing on red-carpet appearances than other celebs.

If you wanna dress like a celebrity, check out Style Spot.

Set to launch in March is H&M’s Garden Collection.  According to the press release, it’s made using organic and recycled materials.  More pix from Refinery 29.

Not so environmentally conscious is an article about how some retailers including H&M have been destroying unsold clothes in NYC.

Best events of 2009 from Bunny Bisous.

Check out gorgeous photos from Emma Watson’s shoot for the Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign.

Oh, Lindsay.  Proving us right that you aren’t a real designer.

And the Lady Gaga tributes keep rolling in.  It’s Barbie as Lady Gaga.

From the New York Times is an article about how the Japanese set fashion trends but unfortunately, fail to result in global awareness or financial gain in the international fashion industry.

The current trend of featuring plus size models in shows and magazine editiorals continues to grow.

So pretty! Some pieces from Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga’s Spring 06 Rococo Rock collection.

The Top 10 articles of 2009 on the Business of Fashion.

And the retrospective on the last decade continues with a look back at the style.

I guess they’re trying to combine comfort and style? I just don’t see this collaboration working out too well though….

Last but not least is refinery 29’s list of trends for 2010.  I don’t care if clogs are coming back into style.  It’s not happening for me.


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