food fix

I don’t think I’ve ever tried General Tso’s chicken.  Is it just an American thing? Anyways, here is the history of the dish from salon.

Catch the Lady Gaga fever.  Fans are making Lady Gaga cookies, even cupcakes!

Some food blogs that are making me want to get into the kitchen asap: Smitten Kitchen, Orangette, and Crockpot 365.

Now, they’ve made the dessert equivalent of the turducken, the cherpumple.

Blue Cornmeal Cake sounds intriguing.  I’m not sure if I find the appearance off putting but it certainly sounds promising.

Apparently, teriyaki is super popular in Seattle.  In Van, it’s sushi and starbucks that are ubiquitous here.  For Seattle, it’s teriyaki?

A recipe for baked lemon custard cake from famous Canadian author, Margaret Atwood.

From Food and Wine is their list of the world’s top 10 life changing restaurants.

Pet lovers rejoice, dogs and cats are off Chinese menus now.

I think someone likes playing with their food a little too much.  Specifically, playing with meatloaf.

For anyone that is passionate about their food and loves food stories is food curated.

Cheese lovers should know how to store their cheese so they can savor it longer.  Well, as long as it would last in a cheese lover’s fridge.


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