Been so busy with work that I haven’t really had time to make Christmas cookies like I wanted.  I was supposed to have a day off this monday but ended up being called into work and I work in the afternoons usually so I don’t have much time to do anything else other than sleep and work.

Went to Van Dusen Gardens on Sunday with friends.  So cold! It was snowing lightly that day.  Tried to go ice skating at Robson Square with my little sister earlier that day but the rink was so crowded that if we actually had skated I think I might have tripped someone or tripped over someone.  Especially because  I’m pretty uneasy on skates.  Last time I went, I fell on my ass.

My brother’s gone for 3 months to Brazil.  My sister is not coming home for Christmas because she’s saving up money to go to South America herself in January or February.  Our family isn’t super big on Christmas anyways.  If we have the Christmas tree up now, it’s only because my sister wants to put it up.  If she doesn’t come home, we don’t bother.  We usually just do family dinner.  We don’t really exchange presents much now that we’re older.

Just counting down the days til I get away to Vegas now…


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