nice guys finish last…

“Nice guys” are not all they’re cracked up to be.  Ones who act nice can still be shady as hell.  I think whether they’re good guys or bad guys makes more of a difference.  A not so nice guy can still be a good guy because most people come in varying degrees of each.  I believe that there’s good people who can do bad things and then there are just bad people.

What I hate is guys who are so-called “nice guys” but are the ones that do the most damage to you because you don’t see it coming.  They hide behind this persona that seems harmless enough until you realize what they are really like.  This doesn’t just apply to guys, though.  I had really good girl friends that turned out to be backstabbing bitches.

I respect the people that don’t try to hide who they are, though.  I hate sneaky people.  Own up to what you do.  And if you’re going to fucking try to manipulate people, at least have the smarts to cover your tracks.

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