miss no good

Finally finished this Taiwanese drama called Miss No Good.  It’s about a cheerful girl named Jiang Xiao Hua who is an accessories store owner with bad style.  When an old schoolmate, Jia Si Le comes back from Japan wanting to date her, she convinces style expert, the hard to please Tang Men to give her a makeover.  It stars Rainie Yang, Dean Fujioka and Will Pan.

I remember watching her in Devil Beside You with Mike He, which was pretty decent.  Both Rainie Yang and Will Pan have successful musical careers aside from their acting.

I haven’t watched a Taiwanese drama in awhile because I got annoyed after watching It Started With A Kiss.  The female lead’s character played by Ariel Lin was such a doormat that I got pissed off and didn’t even finish the series.

I thought this drama was really cute because the characters were likable and didn’t find the story too unbelievable (at least for a drama).  The secondary characters such as Tang Men’s assistant and Xiao Hua’s friends and family brought a light-hearted touch and comedic moments to the series.  Even though, Xiao Hua gets a makeover, her personality stays the same and changes Tang Men’s heart and life.


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