fashion fix

Forever 21 has just launched another collection called Boutique by Forever 21.  The line is “vintage inspired, feminine and romantic” but still casual.

And they just launched a cosmetics line called Love and Beauty, which makes it the first beauty line for a fast fashion brand on U.S. soil according to WWD. The line can be found on along with their new clothing collection.

Marchesa is now making handbags.  They showed their handbags with their collection for spring 2010.  Rihanna was spotted wearing a  black and white laser cut out Marchesa gown at the 2009 American Music Awards.

A list of ten fashion catchphrases.  Of course, one from Rachel Zoe is on the list.  I get the idea of smizing, but it just sounds weird to me.

Somehow, someone at Ungaro still thinks having Lindsay Lohan, “hot mess”, around is a good idea.   Even though, her collection was widely derided in the industry.

Check out itlooksgoodtome.  It’s a blog by a textile designer for the fashion industry.  It’s a collection of things she likes and all the illustrations are done by her.  She’s just finished a guest blog on

It’s another photoshop fiasco.  Demi Moore for V Magazine in gold Balmain, and apparently part of her hip has been shaved down.  She’s insisting the photos have been barely retouched and she’s just skinny.  Yeah, just like she hasn’t had any “work” done.

Actress, Michelle Trachtenberg is the latest to join the ranks of “celebrity designers” with a jewelry collection for Coach’s Poppy line.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show won’t be aired for a couple days til December 1st but here’s a little preview.

Last but not least, December’s edition of British Vogue features a collection of stories on the 7 Wonders of Fashion from various contributors.  Some choice items are the high heel (of course), the corset, and the pencil skirt.


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