I haven’t gotten a chance to update this as much as I’d like to.  Been busy with another job I just landed and working quite a bit.  Also, because I was working my through How I Met Your Mother, which I just finished a few days ago.  Pretty funny.  I’m sad that they’re not renewing Eastwick, though.  So busy in fact, that I haven’t talked to my best friend/good friend? (not qute sure what to call him cuz we used to be best friends before but before this year we hadn’t talked for a few years cuz of some stuff that happened), in at least a month.

Plans for Vegas in January have been finalized.  Going again but this time it’ll be with a group of 8 girls so it should be very fun.  And we will be going for 5 days, 4 nights this time.  Last time it was only 4 days and 3 nights and it was definitely not long enough.  I need more dresses and skirts, more dressy stuff for both work, the trip and holidays.  Might be ordering stuff from Asos.  I’ll try to post up pix of the stuff I get when it arrives.

My brother left for 3 months to Brazil last Friday.  Sweet.  Actually, not much of a difference whether he’s here or not, though, I think.  The family dinner we had on Thursday, the day before he left was sooooo good.   My mom grilled a bunch of steaks and my aunt made cookies for dessert.  The steak was rare, almost bleeding, just the way my family all eats it.  Way better than the Keg!

And I know Vancouver is small but it’s still a little weird that I saw this guy that was in my mandarin class a few years ago 3x in the last 2 weeks.  First, at bar none which is not weird at all cuz you always see people at the club.  Second, I went with Cindy, Sarah, and Simon to this cafe in Aberdeen and saw him there too.  And last, saw him on Sunday at this Vietnamese restaurant near my house where I went to go eat with my little sister.  Random.


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