food fix

I got this off Chowhound. The story is that a group of eight refused to pay an auto gratuity that was on the bill because they felt the service was so poor.  I worked in a restaurant before so I can understand why they put an auto gratuity on the bill for big parties but if the service was that bad or nonexistent, I’m all for getting them to comp something for them or give them a discount because a tip is supposed to be based on the performance of the server.

On Cakespy, is a list of pastries and desserts named after famous people.  That’s something I wouldn’t mind having named after me.

In Chelsea, New York, a more upscale, European style Mcdonalds has been introduced.  This one features flat screen tvs and free wifi.  The Chelsea restaurant is the first in the U.S. to be redesigned.

Fusing fashion and food is the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s American Fashion Cookbook.  The book features a foreword by Martha Stewart and recipes from Isaac Mizrahi, Derek Lam, Carolina Herrera and others.

And Eric Ripert, famed chef of Le Bernardin, gets freaked out by Costco on a trip with Alan Richman for GQ.


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