happy? birthday, serena

Serena’s birthday was on Monday but we celebrated on Saturday instead of last Saturday because she had her cousin’s bachelorette party to go to.  Her birthday did not go well this year.  Had dinner at the Cannery.  The whole experience left much to be desired.  Took too long for us to order and way too long to get our food.  I mean I know it was a lot of people but I’m assuming they have experience with large parties so why the hell did it take so long for our food to be sent out.  The food itself was just ok, not worth the price tag though.  By the time our food came, we just wanted to leave, had lost our appetite and filled up on the bread.  And you’re supposed to get a free dessert for your birthday, the server totally blanked on that and Bianca had to ask them for it.  Not a great start to the evening.

We went to Pop Opera after and we were there for at least 45 minutes, if not longer, and the line didn’t move at all.  It was so ridiculous.  We decided to just leave and go to Fabric instead.  I think Serena had fun, though.  We managed to get her drunk there so I guess it wasn’t all bad.  It didn’t end too badly.


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