Less than a week after I got back from Vegas, I headed to Salt Lake City, Utah with my mom and younger brother to the Usana Health Sciences convention.  My mom is an independent distributor with Usana and so is my younger brother  The sessions were pretty interesting, funny, at times, but I definitely learned some new things.  Larry King was one of the speakers which I thought was pretty cool.  I was really surprised when he walked out onto the stage and I didn’t even think it was him at first.  And there was a lot of young people there, surprisingly, more than I thought there’d be.

And we went to a P.F. Chang’s >.< I don’t get the appeal.  Why would you go to a restaurant that serves Chinese food but all the people working in there are decidedly not? It’s like ordering a thai curry dish or whatever at Moxie’s, Earls etc. Why???? The food wasn’t that great, not surprisingly, but the drinks weren’t bad and the desserts were these cute mini desserts in shot glasses.  We got tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and something else, I forget what.


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