viva las vegas!

The 17th

From the 17th to the 20th, we took off to Vegas for a few days.  Serena and I chose to take the plane from Bellingham so we took the shuttle to the airport there.  Gordon had an earlier flight and Danny drove there from LA.  We got to the airport there and it was so small like a ferry terminal.  We thought it’d be bigger and at least have some fast food there cuz we were hungry, nope! And we got there and had to wait for about an hour and it turned out that the 9 something flight to Las Vegas had been delayed so when our plane arrived, they took ours and we had to wait 2 hours for the next one >.<  So, finally we get onto the plane and by the way, the airport is so small the you actually walk outside to get on your plane instead of going through a walkway.

We slept most of the flight and when the plane touched down, there was an odd smell in the air.  Smelled a little bit like Purell.  We got a great view of the city and the glittering Las Vegas Strip as we touched down. There was nothing but ads in the airport.  And somehow, I managed to lose the confirmation for our itinerary but it still worked out.  We found our shuttle bus.  We could feel the heat envelop us as soon as we stepped outside the comfortably air-conditioned airport.

There was so much traffic on the Strip because they were doing construction.  Our flight got there around 9 something but we didn’t end up getting to our hotel til close to 10 but our shuttle bus driver took some back ways and managed to get us to our hotel safely.  We ran into Danny and Gordon in the hotel lobby where the casino floor was and me and Serena checked in and went to go change cuz we had planned on going clubbing the first night.  The boys go back to their room to change but turns out, Gordon forgot to pack jeans and dress shoes >.<  Me and Serena were already all dressed up and ready to go but still really hungry so we just went out to go get something to eat.

Grumpy and hungry waiting for the food at In-N-Out

We went to In-N-Out to grab some burgers.  We ordered a meal. They have a pretty limited menu.  Me and Serena each had a cheeseburger, shared animal fries, and a strawberry milkshake.  The burgers weren’t bad but then again, I’m not a huge burger eater to begin with.  The fries were gross, however.  They tasted like they had thousand island dressing on it and it was topped with Kraft cheese and relish.  I really really despise processed American “cheese”.  I don’t consider it real cheese.  The shake was too thick and too sweet.  Even the plain fries aren’t that great, not even acceptable.

We finished eating and headed to Walgreens to get water, gum and sunscreen.  Traffic was still crazy but not as crazy as when we first left the hotel to get food and it took almost 45 minutes just to go 2 blocks.  By now, I’m tired and want to go to sleep but Serena wants to go gamble so I go back to our room and she goes with the guys to go gamble for awhile.  I fall asleep around 2 and when I wake up, no Serena.  We both got our own key cards when we checked in but when she tried to use hers to open our door to let herself in, it wouldn’t work and she didn’t want to wake me up so she slept on Gordon’s bed and he slept on the floor.  She said she didn’t have a very restful sleep since Gordon was snoring like a chainsaw.

the 18th

Serena called our room to wake me up around 9 something and she came up and we started getting ready.  We finished and went to the boys room and jumped on the bed to try to wake him up.  The boys said they still wanted to sleep some more so we let them sleep in and went to Danny’s car to grab Serena’s camera.


We walked through Paris,the adjoining hotel to Balley.  It was so fake but kind of cool.  There was a long line for the Paris buffet.  It was hot but not as hot as I thought it’d be.  It was a little cooler than Vancouver during the heat wave.  We walked across the street to the Bellagio.  The Bellagio looked like a garden inside.  In the front lobby, sprouting from the ceiling were these beautiful, enormous glass flower sculptures.



Serena and I were pretty hungry by then so we proceeded to hit the buffet.  Their breakfast/lunch stuff wasn’t too bad and the lineup wasn’t that long.  The guys texted us to tell us they wanted to come join us  but they took forever so we finally just left.  They hadn’t even left the hotel when we got back!  Gordon had fallen asleep again and said he didn’t have enough sleep since the night before he left he had stayed up drinking with the guys.  Smart.

Finally, they got ready and we met them at the car and we started heading to the Premium outlets, which was actually about 40 minutes outside Las Vegas.  Serena and I bought shoes and a bag at the first outlets and the next outlets we went to got more shoes.  I forgot my phone at the Converse store and had to run back to grab it.


Gordon and Danny smoked in the car so they had to open a window and it was disgusting hot air blowing all over me and Serena who were sitting in the back seat.  It was like being in a windy over if there is such a thing like that.

On to the Fashion Show mall, which was huge and actually quite nice.  Serena and I raided Forever 21 and each got another pair of shoes from Nordstrom.



For dinner, we went to the Wynn buffet.  The hotel was really nice inside and the buffet was really nicely decorated.  There was a longer lineup for dinner there than there was at the Bellagio but it wasn’t too long.  The buffet featured items such as king crab, sushi, pasta, etc.  The king crab definitely made the $40 we paid for dinner worth it.  And the drink included was pretty good too.  I got a raspberry sweet tea.  There was a pasta made to order station which was really good.  The risotto that Serena got was not, though.  Instead of being soft and creamy like it’s supposed to be, it was kinda hard and in a cake shape.  The sole meuniere was way too overcooked.  The gnocchi was too doughy.  I liked the tomato bisque.  The desserts were really good.  They had a crepe station.  Serena got a strawberry crepe.   The crepes were light and thin, the way they’re supposed to be. Danny and Gordon got full fast.  Serena and I out ate them.  Serena said she probably could’ve stayed another hour or so just eating the king crab and more dessert.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready to go clubbing after.  Gordon fell asleep in the car.  I was re energized after eating, though.  I think Serena and I got ready faster than the guys.  They went to get some alcohol and we pre drank a little.

We decided to go to Pure at Caesars Palace.  It was just a little down the block from our hotel.  We ran into a promoter who gave me and Serena free entry before 12 cards and free drink wristbands for girls.  He asked if we were with any other girls and we told him we were with 2 guys.  He said, “well, I’ll give these to you guys, anyways.”

So, Serena and I were waiting in line with the guys and after maybe half an hour, Gordon walks off without telling us where he’s going and not long after, Danny walks off without saying a word, as well.  Serena and I are pissed because if we weren’t with the guys, then we wouldn’t even have to wait in line probably and so far, we were not too impressed with some of the things that had happened.  When they came back, we let them know that we were definitely not happy.  Gordon said he had gone off  gamble cuz he wanted to win some money to buy us drinks.  That’s all very well and nice but he could have at let us know where he was going.  And Danny walked off to go find a bathroom, but couldn’t find one so just went to go smoke.


Luckily, we got into the club exactly at 12 so we got free cover.  The club was pretty crowded.  There was 2 levels, and house music playing on the roof, except the dancefloor on the roof was pretty crowded too.  Gordon bought us drinks, then Serena and I headed upstairs to go to the washroom.  We got our free drink, then went to dance.  There was 2 geeky white guys who tried to do a dance off with us, which was a first.  A cute guy kept looking at Serena and I but I think he was too shy to come over and ask us to dance cuz Danny and Gordon were with us.  It started getting hot so we went to the roof for some air.  Gordon started smoking by Serena and I so I told him to stay put and Serena and I went to actually get fresh air.


We went to another part of the area on the roof close to the VIP section and these guys from San Diego started talking to us and asked if we wanted to sit at their table and drink with them so we said yes.  I don’t remember all their names unfortunately (only Brad and Saoul) and they got a picture with me but Serena forgot that she had her camera on her so we ended up not having any pictures with them =( and I forgot to get one of their numbers >.<   The guys were really nice though.  They all worked together and were here for one of the guys’ 26th birthday.  We stayed, talked, and drank for awhile with them.

Then we got a call from Gordon saying that they had gotten kicked out cuz someone had elbowed Gordon and Danny pushed them.  The guys offered to ask the staff at Pure to try to get them back but since they weren’t girls, not really much they could do which was understandable.  We stayed til 3:30ish and then told them we were gonna leave.  They said they were gonna go to LAX at Luxor tomorrow too so we said we’d see them there.  We went downstairs and actually wanted to dance some more so we headed to the dancefloor.  These guys who live in Vegas and are promoters actually tried to pick us up.  Serena’s feet were hurting a lot by now so the guys very nicely jumped into a cab with us and dropped us off at our hotel and they said they’d be at LAX tomorrow too.  We went to Danny and Gordon’s first before we went to ours.  G0rdon piggybacked Serena back to our room and then we drifted off to sleep in a haze of alcohol.

the 19th

We slept for only about 5 hours and woke up around 9 and called the guys to tell them to get ready.  We got a ticket for the monorail and headed to the Mgm Grand first to check out their lion exhibit.  It was pretty hot walking outside so we headed back to the hotel to pick up the car instead.  Walked by Treasure Island and the Mirage.  Then, to the Venetian which had living statues, opera singers, and canal boat rides.



We had lunch at Enoteca San Marco, which was terrible.  Serena and I shared the linguini with zucchini dish and Gordon ordered the steak.  The linguini was salty so switched for a Margherita pizza which was acceptable.  Gordon’s steak was cooked horribly and he didn’t feel so good after he ate it.




We went for a gondola ride.  We made Gordon and Danny sit on the same side.  The ride was about 15 minutes long but we had to wait about an hour and a half or less to do it, so in that time we just went to have lunch.  It was nice.  The gondolier, Giuseppe was very friendly and sang for a little bit.


We walked through the Mirage for a little bit.  Too bad there wasn’t enough time to explore more thoroughly.  Then, we went to the M&M shop, which was kind of near our hotel.  Back to the hotel after to change for dinner at the Hubert Keller restaurant, Fleur De Lys in Mndalay Bay.  We were a little late cuz we wanted to check the time for “O”, the Cirque du Soleil show we were going to watch after dinner.



Fleur de Lys had a huge wine cave upstairs.  We all got the prix fixe menu.  Gordon got a green apple martini, which wasn’t overly sweet.  We were given a choice of 4 breads, the guys and I chose the rosemary foccacia which was light, not too oily or heavy.


The truffled onion soup was really good.  It was smooth, creamy and velvety.  Serena said the soup was so good, she would actually miss it when we were back in Vancouver.


The boys and I got the stout braised short ribs which were very tender.  It came with mashed potatoes which were really smooth and good.


Serena’s Alaskan salmon was rare and cooked perfectly, not overcooked as it so often is.


The dessert was just ok.  It was a mini peanut butter shake with molten chocolate cake and Baileys ice cream.  The molten chocolate cake was kind of bland, and tasted vaguely of banana.

We rushed over to the Bellagio because we were a little late for the “o” by Cirque du Soleil show.  The show was really good but I was so tired that I nodded off a few times but kept waking up.  The parts with the clowns were cute and funny.

We went back to the hotel after so Serena and Gordon could change shoes because their feet were hurting, then the boys drank the rest of the rum and we left to go to LAX at Luxor.  Serena’s battery on her camera went dead so no more pictures.  A promoter gave us free passes and wristbands for free champagne.  The guestlist took  about as long as the regular line at Pure.  Ridiculous.  They kept letting in huge groups of guys.  The bouncers were so weird and rude.  One of the bouncers told Gordon he had to change shoes cuz he was wearing sneakers.  The guys just decided to drink at a bar in Luxor and told us to have fun.

It was super crowded in there as well.  The club was pretty but the staff were unfriendly.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see the guys we met at Pure.  We were waiting at the bar upstairs and met these 2 guys from London, Craig and I don’t remember the other guy’s name.  They bought Serena and I both a shot of 151.  The shots were so big like a double.  It took so long to get chase.  We were waiting for 20 minutes, at least.  Some creepy guy clawed my back, and I just turned around and gave him a dirty look.  He tried to buy us drinks and kept trying to talk to Serena.  We hung out with the British guys for awhile.  We tried to go to the dance floor but it was too crowded so Serena and I went to the bathroom.

Before Serena and I got there, this bouncer comes up to us and asked if it was just us two and if we wanted to go to the vip area.  We told him we had to go washroom first, so he went into the washroom and told us to go to the front of the line.  The girl at the front really needed to pee and I felt bad so I told her to go first.  The bouncer seemed kind of annoyed at that.

Serena’s throat hurt from the 151 so we went to the bar to get a juice for her downstairs.  The female bartender was a lot quicker.  We went back to find the bouncer and went to the vip area.  We met guys from Coquitlam and Vancouver, surprisingly.  One of the guys was a pretty good dancer.  Met a Filipino guy that looked Vietnamese named Joey.  I can’t remember some of the guys’ names.  Met Chris, Zoley, Simon, Dan.  We met 2 girls from Van too.  One of them knew Howard.

We left with the guys and went back to their hotel room at the Palazzo at the Venetian to drink some more.  We took a limo.  Dan sat on the floor cuz there wasn’t enough room.  And my nose started bleeding cuz of the dry heat >.<  We watched “I Love You, Man” and I started bleeding again for awhile.  Dan came to check on me and stayed in the washroom with me talking for a little bit until it stopped bleeding.  Serena came to check up on me too.

I played sup with white boy, Zoley and lost so I had to drink half a shot of goose.  We played a round of poker, then big 2.  They ordered room service and made me eat some.  Serena wanted the little salt and pepper shakers that came with the food so one of the guys emptied it out for her and told her to take it.  Chris walked us to where the cabs were.  We saw Altan from the other day again when Chris walked us out.  We grabbed a cab back to our place.

the 20th

We woke up at 10.  Serena woke up earlier than me, actually but she started cleaning and kind of woke me up.  She thoughtfully put the do not disturb sign on the door cuz she heard housekeeping.  We packed, then went to the boys room.  We checked out on the phone and gave the keys back to the front desk.  The guys put their stuff in the car and left because they were driving back to Van.

Serena and I went to go eat at Le Village Buffet in Paris.  The line wasn’t too long.  The food wasn’t that bad.  Serena didn’t like the crepes there, though.  We still had time to kill, though, and we had coupons to go up the Eiffel Tower, so we did.  Pretty hot up there.  Then we went to the washroom and called to book the shuttlebus.  Serena gambled a little til we had to leave and we got picked up at 2:40 to go to the airport, then we were on our way home!


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