big city cupcakes

Note: this isn’t a picture of one of the cupcakes we had cuz the camera on my phone doesn’t take high quality pix but for a post about cupcakes, I had to have a photo of a cupcake.

We have the Cupcakes boutiques in Vancouver, and now we have Big City Cupcakes.  I tried the ones from Cupcakes and I didn’t really like them because I hate buttercream frosting with a passion and also, because I found the cupcakes themselves to be on the dry side.

However, for the new bakery in town, they only sell on the day they’re baked so you know they’re fresh, and some of the flavours are unique. Choices includes Truffle, Strawberry Shortcake, Coconut Cream Pie, and Red Carpet (a play on the southern-style red velvet cake). Some are filled, like the Lemon Drop with lemon curd at the centre, and the New York Cheesecake, which has cheesecake in the batter. Cupcakes are $2.95 to $4.95. Two shops are now open in Vancouver, at 1015 Howe Street and 2206 West 4th Avenue.

My coworker was craving cake but there aren’t really any good bakeries close to our work in downtown, so he headed to Big City Cupcakes instead and got a vanilla one with white frosting and sprinkles for himself, a chocolate one with chocolate frosting for his girlfriend, and S and I shared the Strawberry Shortcake one.  Very pretty but I hated the frosting.  Way too sweet but the cupcake itself was moist.  I probably would’ve liked it if it was topped with cream cheese frosting instead.


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