christian audigier disses posh

French designer Christian Audigier isn’t too impressed with Victoria Beckham’s endeavors into fashion design. In an interview to Bang Showbiz, Audigier said that Posh was in a difficult position as she had no formal training.

“Victoria, I’m not sure about. I like her, she’s a nice girl, but she is not completely my style,” Audigier has been quoted as saying. “I have seen some of her designs – they are very simple. It’s difficult for an artist or a singer to enter into the world of fashion. They need to be with a real pro because you can’t just rely on your name to help you sell. The way to sell and who to sell to and what you want to accomplish, these are all things you will need help with if you’re entering into the world,” he added.

However, according to Audigier, Posh’s soccer star husband David has an amazing style. “I believe David Beckham has amazing style, he has this British and European twist with him. And he always dresses himself, picks everything himself,” he said.

“He can wear so many things well, whether it is shirts, a T-shirt with boxer shorts, or alternatively the Armani advert he did recently – he just looks great. He has a great attitude, I just love it. He is a real tough guy with his style, very English, like a Guy Ritchie movie or something like that, I like that,” he added.

Uh, excuse me, Christian Audigier, you created lines such as Von Dutch, Ed Hardy, Smet, and Christian Audigier.  Maybe you think her designs are too simple because they’re not dripping in gold and flashy excess but I think you are the one committing the fashion crimes here.  You created a gaudy, tasteless, tacky uniform for douchebags, which is so ubiquitous in Vancouver that it’s been banned in clubs as part of a dress code to keep “gangsters” out, which is ridiculous, because those clothes aren’t worn exclusively by drug dealers.  So, thanks a lot.  By the way, I don’t think you’re in any position to be commenting on Posh’s collection which is way classier than what you sell.  Mind you, it has been said to bear a remarkable resemblance to Roland Mouret designs but the dresses are wearable and stylish.

To end, here are some photos from Posh and Becks fall 2009 underwear campaign for Armani.  They were shot by renowned fashion photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.


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