weekend visit

My friend, Jeanette came to Vancouver this past weekend for a visit from Edmonton.  She got in on thursday and left early Sunday morning.  I saw her on thursday and chilled with her for a little bit with Serena after I was done work but had to go to a friend’s birthday on Saturday to Canvas but good thing, she showed up a little later there.

We were gonna do dinner on saturday but I was tired and when I called her after work, she was full so no dinner so I just went home.  She texted me and Serena later to go to gossip cuz she changed her mind and decided she wasnt gonna just chill at the hotel that night but by that time, I was chilling at a friend’s house.  Didn’t really feel like going clubbing that day.  Serena was at the Coldplay concert across from the club so it was no problem for her and then like half an hour or forty five minutes later, she texts me telling that Jeanette changed her mind again and was in fact, just gonna stay at the hotel cuz their flight back to Edmonton was early in the morning.

I wish I had spent a little more time with her but I hate when people change their plans all of a sudden like that….  I was definitely glad that I hadn’t put that effort into going when she changed her mind, last minute and ditched.


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