sex and the city

Sex and the City episodes rerun on 3 diff channels and quite often, so I can pretty much have a satc marathon everyday. Today are the episodes with Big and Carrie. The ones with Big and Carrie make me sad. You can see how much pain the trouble with Big is putting Carrie in, but she puts so much effort into it because she loves him. And it’s sad because she seems to be trying so hard but it just falls short and no matter that Big says he loves her, he just can’t seem to come through for her.

The way she acts and the shit she allows him to put her through makes me sad. And hopefully, I don’t act that way when I’m in a relationship, at least, not anymore. I’ve done enough stupid shit and allowed myself to be treated as less than equal because I was so in like with a guy. I hope to have learned from those past experiences and never let a guy treat me like he has more value than me again.

Eventually, Big comes around in the Sex and the City movie, but it took a long time and a lot of heartache for that to happen. At some point, either you’re meant to be or not, and there’s only so long before you can wait for someone before it seems like an exercise in futility.


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