guys these days

I’m really unimpressed by the kind of guys that I’ve been running into these days. First, just last friday, a guy friend was supposed to go to nightmarket with S and I. I was done work at 9 but he txtd me to tell me he wouldn’t be able to pick me up til 9:30. I thought it would be more of a hassle to just go home rather than wait downtown. 9:30 came and went without a word from him. S asked me if he had picked me up yet bc he was supposed to pick me up first, then go to her house. I asked him where he was and he was still at his uncle’s house. I asked him where that was and all he said was “by the highway”, so he wasn’t even in the same city. He didn’t even respond when I asked him when he was leaving. S said that he told her he got pulled over. We assumed he got pulled over for speeding. It was 9:45 or close to 10 by then, so I just went home bc waiting that long is ridiculous. He called half an hour after I got home and told me he was going to pick me up soon. And he wouldn’t even have called if S hadn’t told him to. No explanation and no apology. I told him I had made other plans already.

No apology til about a week later. He was at the mall with his friend and I happened to be working that day so he came because he wanted “to apologize in person”. I told him an apology on the phone would’ve sufficed at the time. Just because he made it in person made no difference because the glaringly blatant lack of effort was appalling. He didn’t ask S if I would be working that day so he totally didn’t come down just to see me.

As for yesterday, I went with the girls to the club for a friend’s birthday, and these guys started getting all pissed off and bitchy cuz they kept trying to dance with us and we kept moving away. Like get the fucking message! NOT INTERESTED!


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